Angel investing has been long portrayed as a glamorous endeavor. It is true that startup investing poses some of the most lucrative returns, but it is also risky. Testbed has become known as a trusted source of quality and execution. The companies that we bring to our investors have successfully passed our hurdles, all the due diligence, and are at their proper point of raising capital. We are 100% behind them and have a strategic capital distribution approach to minimizes your risk while maximizes return. We identify the companies with the brightest future, with the best traction and the strongest team – backed by strong data.
Our Angels are more than investors, they are; mentors, critics, support system, promoters, advisers, etc.. We like to see an active relationship and, when possible, try to match Angels to their best fit companies.

Some perks:

  • First right of refusal
  • Widest return dispersion availble
  • Liquidity strategies
  • Access to a spectrum of deals, not just startups
  • Community building

Membership details:

  • $2,000 yearly membership fee
  • Minimum $25,000 per investment
  • Qualification required

**Currently there is a waiting list**

Please contact us for more info.