Entrepreneurship is the corner stone of our economy and a startup is your first step in the journey. Startups are typically associated with high tech companies or the next Google, but we view startups as any new company and in any industry.
We utilize a methodological approach and work with startups from any stage and all industries.

  • Idea Stage

    Share your ‘aha’ moment with us. Concept.

  • Market Research

    Your idea should be global, not just local. We do in depth market research utilizing our network to see where, why, and with whom your idea fits and how viable.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    We like your idea. Now it is time to build a MVP with its key features to satisfy early adapters.

  • Early Adapters

    Getting your customer feedback is a key to finish your startup’s main product/service development with the features your users want and like. Be prepared for rapid changes.

  • Scale

    Scaling has its risks. We help you balance the blistering growth, customer acquisition, recruiting key talent, budgets, and KPI.

Using Agile approach (if applicable) we set an intensive action plan with strategic milestones based goals to incubate and accelerate your startups to a full-fledged business.
In Testbed you will find all the tools and resources you will need to launch, grow, and accelerate. From coaching and mentoring, to education and learning, to access of global networks and capital.