The reason we separate products and services into their own category is simple: we have seen too many times, companies launch with catastrophic mistakes and unintended consequences.
Launching a new product or service should be a methodological venture. Not only it can be expensive but also the new product or service changes the positioning and characteristic of your existing company. A fact that is often over looked.
Software or hardware, we help you architect a process that follows best practices.
Before development:

  • Why?

    What is the fundamental reason you are doing this to begin with? What are the metrics and research to support your reasoning? What values will you meet and which you won’t?

  • How?

    What is needed for the development of a product/service that will captivate your audience? Supply chain, talent, milestones, etc.

  • Where?

    What market will you enter and what will your unique positioning be? In depth market research is highly recommended. In a global economy you may discover easier and more fruitful barriers to entry.

If you got to this point and there is strong support for development, then the fun begins:

  • Supply Chain Management

    What talent, materials, and tools are needed for smooth development? Nothing adds more time (= cost), to development like poorly lined up process and sourcing of everything you need.

  • Development

    Priority should always be given to develop the most fundamental functions first and test them as you go. It is called Minimum Viable Product. It will help with costs but also might develop a strong relationship with your early adopters and even start generating revenue.

  • UX and UI

    Apple products have a universal design and you are never more than 3 moves from playing music. User Experience and User Interface design does not stop at hardware. How users interacts with your product/service will most likely be the most important aspect of its success.

  • Education

    As you develop, we suggest to educate and train your team to be experts and be able to demonstrate the product or service. From this experience and your interaction with the early adopters you should also come up with marketing that makes it easy for your audience to learn about your new product/service.

  • Launch

    Your launch should be equally as awesome as your new product or service! It should be planned way a head of time and a perfect opportunity to show the culture and personality of your brand.

Let the excitement begin!